Tortoise BMI

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Tortoise BMI

Post by Chaz » 28 Feb 2019, 21:35

Hello all!

This is my first post here but I have been a follower for a while. I have had my lovely Horsefield, Chaz, for around 7 years. He has always seemed really healthy and mostly munches on romaine, the odd mushroom/tomato and my house plants (only the safe ones), occasionally with calcium supplements. He has full rein of the house, is very active from about January-October, and disappears for the rest of the year for what is usually an on/off snooze.

I was wondering if anyone knew any way to make sure he is a healthy weight for his size? I usually go by the rule that he gets about the equivalent of one romaine leaf a day, and this seems to work, but he is so so greedy I am always worried he isn't getting enough.

If anyone can give me some advice (or tips on my general care) I would be so grateful!

Gemma (and Chaz)

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Re: Tortoise BMI

Post by lin » 28 Feb 2019, 22:52

Hi Gemma, and a warm welcome to you and Chaz.

The way re usually weigh out if the tortoise is growing at a nice slow even rate is to weigh on a regular basis and providing the tortoise is gaining about 3gm a month then he should be fine. If he keeps that up you can give a teeny bit less and see how the weight goes but if he starts to loose then give back what was removed. As long as the weight steadily rises (not always every month) its fine and the same if he loses a bit again its ok providing he don't continue on the downward slope. Its a matter of see how he goes and adjust the food accordingly. We do have a weight and measuring article if you would care to have a look and downloadable observation chart you can fill in over the weeks to keep tabs on things. ... measuring/
Hope this is helpful and if you need anything else thenn just get back to us.


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