Winter Enclosure

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Winter Enclosure

Post by Dandelion_burglar » 13 Jul 2017, 08:33

Hello Tortoise Table

My Hermann's torts are happily roaming the garden at the moment as I am in the UK. I currently have five (!)as my mother was no longer able to care for her three. They are around 4 years old. I am thinking ahead for the winter and worrying that their previous indoor enclosure won't be big enough anymore as they have had the run of the garden over the summer (it's a bookcase on the floor with substrate which takes up half of my lounge).

I would like to know how you keep your tortoises in the winter, e.g. do they stay outside or do you have an outdoor enclosure? I was thinking maybe a shed with some heating might be appropriate? If so, how would you make this tortoise friendly?

Many Thanks

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Re: Winter Enclosure

Post by Elaine » 13 Jul 2017, 15:42

Hi Yasmin,
With that amount of growing tortoises I think your spot on thinking ahead about the cooler months. Even in our fantastic UK summers we can get days that are to wet and cold for a tortoise

I think a shed would be a fantastic investment for their future. Think long term and get as big as it will fit into your garden comfortably. The key to any shed you chose is insulation!! Insulating it well will save a small fortune long term.

I'll add a link that we have for considering an outside build, have a read and then get back to us with any specific questions. ... WeHFYXTXYU

Elaine on behalf of The Tortoise Table (T.T.T.).

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