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by Jon
23 Sep 2018, 15:50
Forum: Questions about Plants
Topic: Trimming Leaves on Spider Plants
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Re: Trimming Leaves on Spider Plants

I'm not sure there is a definitive 'better' option? It's a bit more tricky with spider plants isn't it ... as it's often not the whole leaf which is starting to brown. I personally do trim the ends off, as the chlorophyll will be gone/inactive (and also it looks better IMO) and increases air circula...
by Jon
23 Sep 2018, 15:28
Forum: Questions about Plants
Topic: Any Experience with "Grow Lights"?
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Re: Any Experience with "Grow Lights"?

Hi there, I do indeed have experience and have been waiting for a chance to talk about it. I've been meaning to write a guide for growing tortoise food, using a box and a floodlight. The idea behind the red/blue LED in the image, is to emphaise that plants respond most to particular frequencies of l...
by Jon
23 Jul 2017, 21:47
Forum: Diet and Nutrition
Topic: Rocks, Minerals & Micronutrients
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Re: Rocks, Minerals & Micronutrients

Hi Aimee, The team have been discussing this product a bit more today. A couple of things cropped up that we are concerned about and wanted to bring to your attention. Ultimately it entails that we would advise against this product unfortunately being used as a supplement for your tortoise. One of o...