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UK Veterinary Practices Which Treat Tortoises

We have compiled a list of known UK veterinary practices which treat tortoises.  All of these have either an exotics specialist or someone who has a special interest in exotic animals.  

Some practices have referral services available for vets to use when tortoises require more specialised treatment than they are able to provide.

Please contact us if you notice any errors, or any updates which should be made.

If you use a vet who is not on our list, and you feel we should have their details, please let us know so that we can add them.


The Tortoise Table takes no responsibility for ensuring the quality of expertise or treatment at any of the veterinary practices on our list.

Most vet practices listed here have been recommended by tortoise keepers at some point, but keep in mind that personnel often change and the particular vet who treated someone‚Äôs tortoise in the past might no longer be with that practice.  It is always best to contact the practice in the first instance and enquire as to whether one of their staff is an exotics or reptile expert, or has a special interest in that area.