Plant Questions and IDs

Use this forum for identification of plants and flowers found in the UK. To allow us to help provide accurate identification we need clear pictures of the whole plant, where it is growing and close up pictures of flowers, buds or seed heads if any available. It would also be useful to see pictures showing the leaf attached to the stem.
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Plant Questions and IDs

Post by lin » 16 Mar 2017, 11:51

It is estimated that there are just under half a million plant species in the world, and more are discovered each year. Many of these species resemble each other at various stages in their lives. Therefore, if you have a plant that needs identification, consider the following:

            A. Have you tried to find it on our website Plant Database first? [click on database at top of forum page and use the back arrow to return to the forum if necessary]  You can search in various ways, and if you know the Latin or common name of a plant you can type the name into the search box that is at the top of every page.  Please ensure that you have spelled the name of your plant correctly, or your search will be unsuccessful.

            B. Please include as many as possible  of the following if you want us to ID a plant from photos you have taken:
                        1.) The country in which the plant is growing (this is very important).
                        2.) Was this plant growing in the wild or in a garden (it helps is to know the setting in which the plant was growing).
  3.) A photo of the whole plant, growing in situ will enable us to make a more accurate ID (please do not just pull off a leaf and photograph it separately). The best angle for this photo is looking at the plant from the side -- not looking down from   above.
                        4.) Close-up photos of flowers, buds, seed heads, fruit that might be present, as well as a close up of the leaf axis.
                        5.) Any other information. Are the leaves fuzzy or smooth, does the plant seem woody or soft-stemmed, is it obviously a shrub/tree/vine, etc.


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