Happy tortoise

Post your pictures and any questions here of European tortoises e.g. Ibera Spur Thigh, Ibera Graeca, Marginated, Hermanns, Kleinmanni and we include the Horsfield tortoise. Also, do add pictures of Mediterranean tortoises you have seen in the wild.
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Happy tortoise

Post by Teddy28 » 03 Mar 2021, 16:02

Hi just thought I'd share a couple of snaps of Boris, Horsfield doing some extreme sunbathing a month after coming out of hibernation. I changed his heat and light set up from a single MVB to seperate heat, UV and daylight lamps and he's loving it.
This was my first hibernation although Boris has decades of experience, nonetheless I worried for more or less the whole 11 weeks he was in his beer cooler. Huge thanks to Nina and to Lin for their brilliant advice.

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Re: Happy tortoise

Post by junitadeal » 07 Jul 2021, 08:33

What a sweet photo!

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