REHOMED - 1male & 2 female Horsfields. Driffield, E. Yorkshire.

Tortoise Groups and individuals may use this section to advertise tortoises in need of rehoming.
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REHOMED - 1male & 2 female Horsfields. Driffield, E. Yorkshire.

Post by lin » 18 May 2022, 20:17

Hi you lovely people.
Sadly one of our own long time keepers is having to say goodbye to their Horsfield tortoises.  There are 11 in all consisting of 2 males and 9 females between the ages of 15 and 80 years old.  The males must not be rehomed together and the females can be split up into individual or smaller groups.  Really the owner is allowing you the choice.  Collection will be from Driffield in East Yorkshire.
These beauties are all housed outside in insulated, heated accommodation, and the owner would like to offer these to someone that could carry that on, feeling that indoors in a table would not be suitable for an animal that has been used to living outside with at least some kind of freedom and space.  The tortoises don’t have any known health issues and eat mainly a varied weed and flower diet.
If you feel that you can offer any of these tortoises a lovely safe, secure home then please do get in touch with subject line Rehoming Horsfields, letting the owner know what you can offer to ————————- and maybe send some photos.
Also can I say ‘please don’t hold back in offering a home because you think you're not good enough’ -  only the owner will know that.
Good luck to you all and lets hope we can manage this mammoth task for these shelled babies.
Good luck to all who apply.

Just a reminder that whilst rehoming tortoises, The Tortoise Table policy NOT to allow any money to change hands.

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