Posts deleted in error.

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Posts deleted in error.

Post by Nina » 18 Jan 2018, 17:51

Yesterday we were targeted by a spambot and had over 60 spam emails sent to the General Tortoise Care section of this forum. We found the relevant IP address and banned that, and then we deleted all of the posts that had been sent in by the spammer. Unfortunately, in our haste to delete the spammer's posts we inadvertently deleted eleven topics and the posts contained in them. We are so sorry that this happened, but unfortunately we are unable to recover those posts now. If you started or contributed to those threads (see list below) and your questions hasn't been answered, or if there is more that you would like to say, please post again, and I hope you will forgive this error on our part!
The Topics (threads) deleted in error were:
"Just Saying Hi"
"Bathing my Hermann's Tortoise"
"Oh Poo"
"Hibernation Panic"
"Having a pooping problem"
"Breathing problems?"
"Lost Website"
"Penis or Prolapse"
"Power Cut"

Many thanks and apologies.
The Tortoise Table Team

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