Chlorophytum laxum

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Chlorophytum laxum

Post by whistler94 » 15 Oct 2019, 19:12


Was just wondering if anyone has any experience using this plant? Picked up from a reptile shop today but just wanted to double check before putting in the enclosure. Chlorophytum cosmosum is listed as 'safe to feed' but cannot find any information for this one.

Many thanks in advance

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Re: Chlorophytum laxum

Post by Nina » 15 Oct 2019, 20:54

As far as I can see this plant should be absolutely fine to plant in the enclosure, as it doesn't appear to have any properties that are different from the chlorophytum comosum. Your only problem will be that if you plant it in the substrate and your tortoise fancies it, then he might eat it to the ground in no time and it will be gone. So you could think about planting it in a pot that is sunk a bit into the substrate, and then your tortoise could reach up and nibble leaves if he wants to. Some tortoises don't eat chlorophytum -- mine are of two minds. I have it growing in the substrate and they ignore it for long periods of time and then suddenly I go in one day and they've pulled it up and eaten it. So you could have a go and see what happens, but maybe first split some off and grow the offshoots in other pots, ready to replace any that get eaten.


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