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REHOMED. Yogi, Hermann. Newcastle upon Tyne

Posted: 25 May 2022, 11:46
by lin
Yogi is only a 2 year old Hermann's tortoise from Newcastle upon Tyne. We don’t know the gender but s/he is looking for a lovely home. The owners of Yogi are bereft at having to make this decision, but due to downsizing to a smaller home Yogi will have nowhere to spend outside during the summer and his owners feel this is paramount for a tortoise - so they have put Yogi’s needs first and are looking for someone to take over his/her care who has some spare garden space where he/she can be safe and secure while basking in the natural sunshine.
The one thing Yogi loves apart from eating, is climbing, so barriers need to be secure and no tortoise ladders are allowed 😂
If you could offer Yogi what is needed then send an email with ‘Rehome Yogi’ as the subject to - saying what you can offer, maybe a nice photo of outside enclosure area, and if you have any tortoises whether would you follow the quarantine procedure.
All that is left for me to say is good luck Yogi.

Please be aware The Tortoise Table do not allow money to change hands during the rehoming process.