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REHOMED. - Bertie. Male Horsfield. South Yorkshire

Posted: 20 May 2022, 20:58
by lin
Dear Bertie is a 7 years old male Horsfield based in South Yorkshire. Due to a change in working hours Bertie is spending far too much time inside than his owners would like. They are now desperate to find Bertie a new, loving home where he can be happy, safe, secure, warm and have an outdoor enclosure to roam around, get some natural uv, and explore, but mainly to ‘be a tortoise’.
Bertie has never had any health issues and appears to be thriving, he is friendly and partially eats a natural tortoise diet with some naughty bits here and there but he desperately needs to have a happier life than his owners feel they can give at this moment in time.
If you could offer Bertie what he needs then send an email with ‘Rehome Bertie’ as the subject - ——————————. saying what you can offer, maybe a nice photo of outside enclosure area and if you have any tortoises would you follow the quarantine procedure.
I’m sure we can make this a happy ending.
Good luck Bertie.


Please be aware that The Tortoise Table do not allow monies to change hands during the rehoming process