Rehome - Ibera - Hampshire

Tortoise Groups and individuals may use this section to advertise tortoises in need of rehoming.
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Rehome - Ibera - Hampshire

Post by lin » 23 Jan 2022, 15:32

This is Solo, a beautiful T,g Ibera of 5 years old from Hampshire who was thought to be a female but now found to be a male. Sadly the owner has had to make the sad decision to rehome because he can’t be kept with the residing female and separation is not an option. Solo enjoys being a tortoise from spring through to autumn by foraging for his weeds and flowers but when weeds are difficult to find he doesn’t mind eating a few naughty allowed greens to compliment the weeds.
Solo would like nothing better than to live outside in a heated shed/greenhouse with an enclosed run. He is a lovely, inquisitive little boy who also enjoys human interaction and shell scratches. His owners will be really sorry to see him go.
If you can offer Solo what he needs then just send some photos of tortoises you have and let the owner know what you have to offer —
Good luck to all who apply and do keep us posted.

It is TTT policy NOT to allow money to change hands during the rehoming of tortoises

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