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Rehome - Alice from Norfolk

Posted: 26 Sep 2021, 14:20
by lin
Alice is a beautiful Horsfield (sex unknown) of about 18 months old and the owners feel that they need to rehome her to fulfil her needs and offer her a bigger area than they will be able to offer in the coming years. Alice lives indoors on a large tortoise table and loves to be outdoors in the sunshine although that is not often this past week, with the chilly weather fast approaching she is seeking out sleeping areas but can easily be deterred from her midday naps.
Alice loves her foraged weeds and flowers and happily eats a wild diet as you can see in the photo, and loves being bathed regularly.
Once she gets to know you Alice love her little head rubs and enjoys a gentle tickle on her shell.
If you can offer Alice what she needs then you can contact the owner here with Alice as the subject line — stating what you have to offer indoors and out and if you have other tortoises (remember different species must not be mixed) photos would be nice.
Good luck to all, especially Alice.

Just a reminder that whilst rehoming tortoises, it is The Tortoise Table policy NOT to allow any money to change hands