REHOMED - Frank ‘n’ Stein. Bedford

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REHOMED - Frank ‘n’ Stein. Bedford

Post by lin » 30 Aug 2021, 22:16

Here we have two handsome young Hermanni males aged around 23 years from Wootton, Bedford. The owners are heartbroken to have to let these move onto the next chapter of their lives but would love to see them rehomed together as they have been all their lives. They are very interactive (some call it nosey 😆) in what is happening around them and like nothing better than a chin rub when they can get one.
They have been vet checked and passed with flying colours, as a matter of fact they have had no health problems in all their years.
They both have their own characteristics with one being independent and the other very friendly and come running for attention. As always for our shelled babies a loving home is desired.
If you would like to apply for Frank ‘n’ Stein then please let it be known by posting to the owner here and showing what you have to offer — These have now been rehomed.
Good luck to you all, especially Frank ‘n’ Stein, and please do keep us posted.

Just a reminder that whilst rehoming tortoises, The Tortoise Table policy is NOT to allow any money to change hands.

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