REHOMED - Terry - male Horsfield near Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Tortoise Groups and individuals may use this section to advertise tortoises in need of rehoming.
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REHOMED - Terry - male Horsfield near Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Post by lin » 06 Jun 2021, 16:15

Just a reminder that whilst rehoming tortoises it is The Tortoise Table policy NOT to allow any money to change hands.

Owing to ill health the family of this handsome male Horsfield have made the heartbreaking decision that Terry will need to move on to a nice new home. He is near Kings Lynn in Norfolk
Here is a little info on Terry and his carer will be able to tell you more once contact has been made.
He is over 30 years old, always been fit and healthy, very active, extremely fast and inquisitive. He loves the outside and never shown any signs of being ill. However, he has spent most of his life (until recently) without additional heat/UVB and sadly been raised on pellets in his diet. That has now changed and Terry has adapted well to eating a good tortoise diet.
If you feel you could offer Terry what he needs, and the life and love he deserves with a nice indoor setup with some space outside then please do show your interest by contacting the carer at ——————— introduce yourself, stating what you can offer and some photos of your tortoises if you have any.
Good luck to you all and also to Terry.
Please keep us updated on what’s happening.

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