REHOMED - Mediterranean Spur Thigh - Cheshire

Tortoise Groups and individuals may use this section to advertise tortoises in need of rehoming.
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REHOMED - Mediterranean Spur Thigh - Cheshire

Post by lin » 16 May 2021, 13:26

Just a reminder that whilst rehoming tortoises, it is The Tortoise Table policy NOT to allow any money to change hands.

This delightful Mediterranean Spur Thigh, Dolly Gertrude, (that’s such a sweet name) assumed female, is around 6 years old and her devoted owner has made the bravest of decisions by allowing her to move on to a new home because changes in the home life has made it hard to find the time to care for Dolly and offer her the wild diet she is used to. She will need collecting from Cheshire.
If you could offer Dolly Gertrude a place in your life you can contact the owner ———————— with ‘Rehoming Dolly Gertrude as the subject and let them know of your interest, introducing yourself, what you have to offer, indoor and outdoor setups and a little about your own tortoises if you have any. Photos would also be good, and you will be contacted in due course.

Good luck to you all, and please keep us posted.

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