REHOMING - Male Horsfield - York, North Yorkshire

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REHOMING - Male Horsfield - York, North Yorkshire

Post by lin » 24 Mar 2021, 15:15

Just a reminder that whilst rehoming tortoises, it is both Facebook and The Tortoise Table policy NOT to allow any money to change hands.

Henry is a male Horsfield tortoise who is 6 years old, the owner hadn’t realised the dangers of tortoises sold by most pet shops and soon after purchase, following pet shop advice, Henry came home in a small vivarium with instructions to use sawdust and straw for substrate and a diet of fruit and veg for these ‘easy care’ pets.
Thankfully the owner soon realised something was wrong with Henry, he was very unwell, he was struggling to breath as there was no ventilation and he was on the incorrect diet. Henry was built a large open top table, correct lighting was purchased and his substrate and diet was changed and he was taken to a specialist reptile vet where it was found that Henry had the worst case of worms he had ever seen and he had trauma to his eye probably caused by the substrate.

That is all in the past now, Henry is fighting fit, and although against his owners wishes they have had to make the difficult decision to rehome him. He is in York, North Yorkshire right now and is happily eating a totally wild tortoise diet consisting of weeds and flowers.
If you would like to offer Henry a home then you can contact the owner - - with photos of any enclosures you have to offer, the sizes and any other info that you think will help.
Good luck and please keep the TTT updated

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