REHOMED - North Oxfordshire. 2 female hermanns

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REHOMED - North Oxfordshire. 2 female hermanns

Post by lin » 02 Mar 2021, 21:59

Two (thought to be) female Hermann’s, Yoda and Patch, are from North Oxfordshire and looking for a new home with experienced people, that can take over their care due to a change of circumstances, and not enough time. They will need to stay together because the smaller one was born with only one eye and a slightly deformed mouth. Although these little discrepancies do not seem to hinder her at all (with the exception that sometimes she takes longer for her find food) she has always had the bigger one (Yoda) by her side since hatching and the owner wants them to stay together.
They love their natural weed diet and will eat the odd salad leaf or two, if weeds are scarce.
They have both hibernated and had a nice healthy sleep waking up last week.

If your interested in offering these two beauties a home you should contact the owners and let them know what you have to offer both inside and out, and photos would be helpful too.

Good luck to you all and please let us know how things are going.

Lin (& the team)

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