Rehomed ‘Princess Layla’ from Tamworth

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Rehomed ‘Princess Layla’ from Tamworth

Post by lin » 19 Feb 2021, 11:59

Living in a loving household, this adorable little lady ‘Princess Layla’,(Testudo graeca, 10 years old) is now looking for another family to take over the care that they have provided these past 8 years.
She is fit and healthy as far as the owners know, very energetic and will happily spend the winter indoors in the nice warm tabletop she lives in but also can’t wait for the lazy days of spring and summer where she loves relaxing in the warmth of the garden enclosure eating a natural (TTT) diet and has dried weeds and flowers during the winter mixed in with whatever can be found.
It would be so nice if someone with experience of tortoise care could come forward and contact - with ‘Rehome Layla’ as the subject and explain what you have to offer and maybe a few photos to allow the present owner peace of mind through this traumatic time.

Lin (& the team)

Reminder! The policy of The Tortoise Table does NOT allow money to change hands when rehoming a tortoise or any accessories.

“COVID-19” government guidelines must be followed.

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