REHOMED - male horsfield tortoise

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REHOMED - male horsfield tortoise

Post by elliep400 » 27 Dec 2020, 19:50

:shock: Hello,
Bruce is in need of a new home. I wasn't aware how specialised the care of a Horsfield tortoise is and I feel I don't have the time or space to give him the proper care he needs. I have had him since October 2020.
I only have a little of his history. I am his 3rd owner, his previous owner had him for 5 years and he thought the owner before that had had him for about 5 years, but wasn't too sure. So his age could be anywhere between 5-10 years old. He weighs 254g and is about 12cm long and 8cm wide. I am in the process of converting him to a new diet and introducing him to bathing a couple of times a week. He is a great wee character and very curious to his surroundings and beyond. I would love Bruce to go to an experienced owner.
Bruce will need to be collected from Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, Scotland. The table, lights and fresh topsoil are able to go with him.
If you are interested in offering Bruce a home please email what you can offer in terms of experience and perhaps photos of your full setup and housing for indoor and outdoor areas.

The Tortoise Table do NOT allow money to change hands when rehoming a tortoise. Covid 19 - Government guidelines to be followed.

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