Wanted - Looking for our new family member

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Wanted - Looking for our new family member

Post by Hinasanj » 17 Aug 2020, 14:18

Offering a loving forever home to a tortoise. We are looking for any Mediterranean...or Horsfield or East Hermann please, as we are keen beginners and think these would be most suitable for us to care for.

We are in the process of making a 3 x 4.5 foot enclosure in preparation.

If you have any equipment you will be passing on with your pet, this will be gratefully received. We will set up the full requirements prior to accepting any tortoise.

Thank you for considering us. we are a family of 6 with no other pets and we live in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Please email me on hina7@hotmail.com if you are willing to pass your precious pet to us.

Thank you !

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