REHOMED - Tabitha from Lincolnshire needs a new home

Tortoise Groups and individuals may use this section to advertise tortoises in need of rehoming.
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REHOMED - Tabitha from Lincolnshire needs a new home

Post by Nina » 16 May 2020, 17:24

It is after a lot of thought that Tabitha’s owner (email details below) has come to the heartbreaking decision to allow this much loved elderly (85) female Testudo hermanni boettgeri (THB) to go to a home that can give her the time and space that she needs. Ideally the owner would like her to go to a home with a secure garden and heated accommodation as this is what she has been used to for most of her life. She hibernates naturally within her temperature controlled greenhouse every winter for around 12 to 14 weeks and has no known health issues. She will live happily in a group (but not where she is pestered by males) and she is also OK on her own.

You can email your interest with details of what you can offer, your experience with tortoises you have kept and perhaps photos of your full setup (not a closeup of part of it). Title the message ‘Rehoming Tabitha’ and send it to to Reece -
Please keep the TTT updated of any progress either way.

Please remember that the policy of The Tortoise Table does NOT allow money to change hands when rehoming a tortoise.
COVID-19 - it is essential that government guidelines are followed.

Nina and the team

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