REHOME - Rocky & Roxy. B-in-Furnace, Cumbria

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REHOME - Rocky & Roxy. B-in-Furnace, Cumbria

Post by lin » 26 Jun 2022, 20:55

We have two Hermanni tortoises, Rocky is thought to be male but not 100% sure and is 8 years old, and Roxy is a female of 7 years, they are in Cumbria.
The owner would like these two to be housed together with only females or rehomed seperately.
Although they are housed inside they do both love to roam outside in the garden and will spend overnight outdoors providing there is a good secure enclosure and weather is permitting.
Both of these lovelies have no problem hibernating and wake up refreshed, grumpy and hungry, they love a bath a few times a week, but they do have a few naughty feeds on their diet list along with weeds and flowers so maybe a gentle break away from these over time would be possible.
The owners increased working hours have made caring for Rocky and Roxy almost impossible and they feel it would be in the tortoises best interest to pass them over to someone who has time to care for them.
If that someone is you can you contact the owner using REHOMING R&R as the subject to and explain what you have to offer both indoors and outside adding a few photos too would be nice.
Good luck to all that apply, now let’s find these two beauties a nice new home.
Please be aware that The Tortoise Table do not allow money to change hands during the rehoming process.

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