Shop bought diet

Upload pictures of your turtles in this forum and tell us a little about them. Also, do add pictures of turtles species that you have seen in the wild.
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Shop bought diet

Post by Heather » 03 Aug 2018, 16:47

Hi - I have now had x3 Red Eared Sliders & a very special Southern Painted turtle for 2 years. (RES aged 28, 28 & 10-ish, Painted 28). The previous owner of the x3 older beasties fed them ZooMed Natural Aquatic Turtle Food, & then added in some dried shrimps & silk worm larvae for variety, at least latterly - she & her son had them from tinies. I have been using Nature's Grub Complete Food since I acquired them, as advised by my local specialist reptile shop (Rainforest Reptiles, Ross-on-Wye). This food is a lovely mix of complete turtle pellets, algae pellets, veg pellets, & a variety of insects, fish & crustaceans. For some reason this product has just been discontinued.

My question (while I still have a spare tub!) is recommendations as to the best to feed from now on, OR suggestions as how to make a suitable home made mix.

I do try to feed some fresh greens - mainly in the form of elodea, of which I have a large barrel. Although not completely dead, this hasn't done very well in the latest hot weather, so my supply is seriously depleted. Does anyone out there feed dandelions or any other greens with success. Mature RES should major on a veg diet I believe.

Advice & suggestions welcome please.



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Re: Shop bought diet

Post by lin » 03 Aug 2018, 19:00

Hi Heather.
I must confess that we do not know much about turtles but our resident turtle expert gives us all our info. He has alwats asvised that ATP is a great source of info and their forum is second to none. ... ainted.htm

And the forum can be found here. ... p?act=home

Hope this is useful and if you have any trouble then do get back to us and we will try and help further.


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