Do I have a male or female

Post your pictures and any questions here of European tortoises e.g. Ibera Spur Thigh, Ibera Graeca, Marginated, Hermanns, Kleinmanni and we include the Horsfield tortoise. Also, do add pictures of Mediterranean tortoises you have seen in the wild.
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Do I have a male or female

Post by Gardner95x » 30 May 2020, 16:32

Hi guys,

Recently inhertited my grandparents Mediterranean tortoise who is about 50 years old and apparently he is a boy having looked online he very well could be a female as he has a small tail?

if anyone can help confirm this that would be great.

There are picture links below of him and a picture of his tail

I cant put them on here as they are too big apparently


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Re: Do I have a male or female

Post by Nina » 30 May 2020, 22:09

Hi Jack and welcome to The Tortoise Table. I've had a look at your photo, but it's really hard to tell from that one, as the tail is sort of tucked in plus there is some grass covering his cloaca. I think the tortoise is almost certainly female from the size of the tail, but I can't really see it clearly -- could you possibly post another couple of photos of the tail? If you can't reduce the size of your photos then either most more on that site, or you can just email them straight to us at -- or to me at and we'll have a good look for you.

So sorry I can't give you a definite ID now (but I think it is a female), but more photos will enable us to make a more confident ID.

Do you need a care sheet for your tortoise? You don't say which Mediterranean species it is, but if you can let us know -- or send us some more photos of the tortoise (whole body shell, head from the side, etc.) we can let you know the species and send you an appropriate care sheet if you want one.


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