Dried/dehydrated weeds/flowers

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Claire tort gal
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Dried/dehydrated weeds/flowers

Post by Claire tort gal » 28 Jul 2020, 07:45

Morning everyone just an idea/question for all you lovely tortoise owners, I was considering dehydrating the weeds/flowers I find for my Horsfield tortoise as there are so many dandelions & plantains around at the moment I thought it would be a great idea to do this so that the time winter comes (not hibernating mine due to only just taking over looking after her after my niece lost interest ) I would have a bulk collection of these to rehydrate for her. I wondered if anyone has already done this with success? I am aware that you can purchase dried flower petals & weeds but as I am enjoying foraging for the tortoise food I thought this would become a little hobby for me! (Obviously got too much time on my hands!)
I used to own a dehydrator that I used to dry chicken, liver & sweet potato to use as treats for my two dogs but never replaced it once broken, It was great for drying any excess veggies as well for either us or the dogs then nothing went to waste! I am planning on just using my oven to dehydrate this time rather than taking up space with another dehydrator.
I would love to hear any comments/ideas/success story’s
Many thanks

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