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Floyd update!

Posted: 22 Apr 2021, 08:52
by beeclaire80

Hope we are all well?

Just a wee update on Floyd. If you remember back when he was being treated for his respiratory infection the vet was also worried about MBD due to his flat back end...

Well I’ve been taking a monthly photo (when weighing him) and this month can again see a real difference. :D

We have also up-cycled an old outdoor games table as a temporary outdoor enclosure while we build his permanent one.

He’s been going outside when the weather allows but is such a grump when I bring him back in!

They really are funny creatures! :P

Claire x

Re: Floyd update!

Posted: 22 Apr 2021, 09:22
by Nina
Thanks so much for the update. Yes, I can see a difference -- so well done you for nursing him back to health!

Great idea for the temporary enclosure -- and it looks really good. Just be sure that either you are around if he is outside, or that the table has holes drilled into it for drainage, because if you get a sudden heavy shower and it doesn't have drainage then it could turn into a swimming pool.

It's always lovely to see photos of Floyd and good to know that he's enjoying the great outdoors (mine get grumpy too when I bring them inside at the end of the day.


Re: Floyd update!

Posted: 22 Apr 2021, 09:48
by beeclaire80
Hi Nina,

Thanks for the lovely comments!

We’ve drilled holes into the bottom and sides for drainage and ventilation but equally he’s only really in it when someone is home (which is all the time atm!) I get super nervous when he’s outside!