Tortoise on his back

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Tortoise on his back

Post by Amber10 » 30 Mar 2021, 19:20

Hi we were out all day today, when we got back late afternoon we found our tortoise on his back asleep not sure how long he had been on his back.
We popped him up right and after a little while let him out in the garden he seems ok .
Was just wondering if it harm's the tortoise been on it's back a while .

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Re: Tortoise on his back

Post by lin » 30 Mar 2021, 20:25

Hi Amber.
The bigger the tortoise, I believe the longer it would survive without harm. The reason I say this is when they used to travel the seas they would take the giant tortoises on board their boats and store them on their backs to keep the food source going for fresh meat...yuk.
Usually they start off flailing their legs around to gain traction that will help them to right themselves. If that isn’t working, and after e rest they will eliminate water and poo to try and lighten the load. This will go on until they are exhausted and they will rest. Unless they flip up under the heat I am pretty sure they will not come to any harm in a day.
Hope that helps.


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