Protozoa Update

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Protozoa Update

Post by beeclaire80 » 05 Feb 2021, 11:11

Hi all,

Hope we are all staying safe and well?

Back in October Floyd had a high Protozoa count. We didn’t treat the Protozoa as we were treating a RI instead and felt that this was more important at the time. We were seeing some signs of Protozoa such as smelly poo, slight mucus in poo and he was lethargic. The RI cleared up and we have seen much improvement. He’s eating, stomping, gaining weight and causing mayhem!

As it’s been 3 months since the infection I sent away another poo sample to be tested and it’s come back completely clear! No signs of any parasites!

Here’s to a healthy future for Floyd!

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Re: Protozoa Update

Post by Nina » 05 Feb 2021, 12:05

Wow, that is excellent news!! Well done Floyd -- and you too, Claire, for getting him through this. Now all we need is lots of nice sunshine and some lovely weeds growing. Thanks so much for updating us.

Nina x


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