Sleeping habits

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Sleeping habits

Post by winstonwantstoknow » 15 Jun 2021, 21:06

Hi all,

Wanted to ask about sleeping habits- my Horsefield Winston who is around 4-5 years old has taken to sleeping very late recently (over the past couple of weeks). I'm wondering if it is to do with the hot weather we have been having in the UK lately? His table temps at night haven't been going much lower than around 24-25 degrees in his hide. Humidity is hovering around 45% give or take. His basking lamp (MVB) is on a timer and comes on at 6am every day, but recently he doesn't want to come out until around lunchtime(!)

He will happily sit in the opening of his hide just looking out relaxing. A couple of times I've taken him out and placed him under his basking bulb as I was worried he would just stay there. Once I've done this he gets going and I give him a soak.. he's eating well and all else seems fine, it's just that he has become quite a late riser!

I know that Horsefields want to aestivate when it's very warm so I'm wondering if this might be the case?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Sleeping habits

Post by Nina » 23 Jun 2021, 08:54

Hi Saurin,

So sorry -- don't know why I wasn't notified about this post, so apologies for the late response.
It's always difficult to say why a tortoise starts sleeping more, but temperature often has a lot to do with it. He might have felt that he didn't need to warm up under the light because he was already warm enough. Did his behaviour change when the cooler, rainy weather came last week?


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