Holiday enclosure

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Holiday enclosure

Post by Amber10 » 08 Jun 2021, 07:51

Hi Dynamite is doing great with his weight now eating well and gaining weight thank you for the advice.
We are going on holiday in a couple of months and we are taking dynamite with us my partner has made a 2 foot enclosure that fits on the back seats. Will he be ok to travel in the car for a couple of hours and do we need to fit a light to the enclosure or is there something else we can use that is portable.
He has a large outside enclosure that doesn't haven't a light fitted on it and he really enjoys it outside. But we do get him in the evening.
Since being outside he has been eating better.
Many thanks.

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Re: Holiday enclosure

Post by lin » 08 Jun 2021, 11:50

Hi Amber.
It’s good to hear dynamite is doing well. It’s great that he is loving life outside.
If he is going to be spending time outside while you are away then maybe a small poly house could be made with just four sides, a lid and an archway cutout could be made to take just for an extra heat boost and if it’s really hot then a shady area will be needed.
I can’t see any need for uvb for a short period of a week or two and inside overnight should also be fine as temps shouldn’t drop lower than 14*C.
I’m hoping Nina, or someone will come on later and offer her thoughts.

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Re: Holiday enclosure

Post by Nina » 08 Jun 2021, 21:27

Hi Amber,

Great news that Dynamite is eating well and enjoying life outdoors.

How long will you be away on holiday? I agree with Lin that you don't need to provide a light for the enclosure that you are taking on holiday with you if you're only away for a week or two, but will this enclosure only be indoors or will you put it outside as well? If it's indoors then maybe put it next to a window or something so that he can some level of light, because if it is very dark then he might not want to walk around or eat. Will he be outdoors at all? If so then he'll be getting UVB and light from the sun, so that will be fine.
You could always take a roll of log roll with you and then make it into a circle on the ground for a temporary outdoor enclosure. Something like this, but you can get it at any Homebase or DIY store: ... QMQAvD_BwE (depending on whether you have room in your car for it). Just make sure that it is tall enough that he can't climb out if he's standing on his hind legs, and do monitor him while he's in it to make sure he doesn't tunnel underneath and out. And as Lin says, when outdoors he'll need a little place to go to get out of the sun, etc.

Hope that helps,

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