Feed Sparingly
  • Common Name: Pineapple
  • Latin Name: Ananas comosus
  • Family Name: Bromeliaceae

The fruit of the Pineapple (which is actually a fusion of the many berries produced by the flowers of the plant) is rather high in sugars.  While it can be fed to some tropical species like Redfoot and Yellowfoot tortoises, who do consume fruit in their diet, it should not be fed to the majority of tortoises (the Mediterranean species, Horsfields, and the African species) as their digestive systems do not cope well with the natural sugar present in fruit.

The leaves of the Pineapple plant are tough and fibrous.  The tops of plants can be a decorous addition when planted in a tortoise enclosure, and if the tortoise nibbles a leaf or two, there should be no problem but it is probably best not to feed leaves in large quantities as the enzyme bromelain that is present in them has been known to cause swelling and tenderness in and around the mouths of humans.


Flower colours vary from blue to lavender through purple to red.

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