Bean Sprouts (Beansprouts, Bean Shoots, Beanshoots)

 Do not Feed
  • Common Name: Bean Sprouts (Beansprouts, Bean Shoots, Beanshoots)
  • Latin Name: Vigna radiata; Glycine max
  • Family Name: Fabaceae
Bean Sprouts are the young shoots sprouting from Mung Beans or Soy Beans (Soybeans).  They are very high in protein, and too much protein can promote rapid growth, leading to shell deformities and possibly metabolic bone disease.  It also places stress on the kidneys because excess protein causes a rise in levels of blood urea and means the kidneys have to work harder to process everything.

Mung Beans and Soy Beans, as well as other small beans used for sprouting, such as Adzuki and Broad Beans, are also high in phytic acid, which affects calcium absorption, and this is another reason not to feed them.  So while they aren't toxic or poisonous in any way, Bean Sprouts should definitely be avoided in the tortoise diet. alyoum9
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