Crossandra (Firecracker Flower, Kanakamparam)

 Safe to Feed
  • Common Name: Crossandra (Firecracker Flower, Kanakamparam)
  • Latin Name: Crossandra spp., esp. Crossandra infundibuliformis
  • Family Name: Acanthaceae
This lovely plant is native to Southern India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Madagascar but in temperate regions is grown as a house plant. The common name 'Firecracker Flower' refers to the fact that when exposed to high humidity or rainfall the dried seed pods are seen to 'explode', thus releasing their seeds onto the ground where they can germinate and create new plants.

We can find no evidence of toxicity, and as there have been observations of Leopard tortoises eating this plant in the wild in Africa, we believe that it is safe to feed as part of a wider, varied diet.

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