Corn Marigold (Corn Daisy)

 Do not Feed
  • Common Name: Corn Marigold (Corn Daisy)
  • Latin Name: Chrysanthemum segetum
  • Family Name: Asteraceae/Compositae
The  flower of the Corn Marigold bears a resemblance to that of Arnica (Leopard's Bane) and the Pot Marigold, and so care should be taken to ensure you have identified the plant correctly.   This is a hardy plant that will survive most winters and possibly become invasive.  There is one reference indicating that Corn Marigold contains coumarin, which can cause thinning of the blood and act as an anticoagulant, and so until further evidence comes to light we believe it is unwise to include this plant in the tortoise diet.
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