Safe to Feed
  • Common Name: Bromeliad
  • Latin Name: Bromelioideae (subfamily containing 32 genera)
  • Family Name: Bromeliaceae
The Bromeliad family is large and diverse, containing thousands of species ranging from Pineapples to Air Plants, but the Bromeliodeae subfamily is the one that contains the plants that are most commonly grown by people indoors, and includes epiphytes (plants that naturally grow on trees) as well as plants adapted to terrestrial growth. 

Some people have an allergic reaction after handling a Bromeliad, so care should be taken if you handle these plants which grow naturally in Africa and tropical America and indoors in more northern areas. 

Bromeliads have no known hazards and would look good in a tortoise enclosure - particularly enclosures for tortoises from tropical forest environments (Redfoots, Yellowfoots, etc.) where they can enjoy the occasional nibble, and the presence of water (use rainwater) in the central well of the plant leaves and misting will contribute to the high humidity that is needed by the plant and the tortoise.
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