Cordyline (Cabbage Tree, Cabbage Plant, Ti Plant)

 Feed Sparingly
  • Common Name: Cordyline (Cabbage Tree, Cabbage Plant, Ti Plant)
  • Latin Name: Cordyline spp. esp. C. australis, C. indivisa. and C.terminalis
  • Family Name: Agavaceae/Asparagaceae
Many Cordylines are grown in the garden as trees or shrubs, but they are also sold as house plants.  Like their close relatives, the Dracaenas, the Cordylines contain saponins (which are known to be toxic to fish and some other cold-blooded animals), as well as small amounts of calcium oxalate raphides.   Leaves of the Cordyline are tough, and the saponin content will probably make them taste bitter as well, so your tortoise might not be attracted to them.  We advise you to feed these plants sparingly, if at all.   Cordylines are sometimes confused with and sold as Dracaenas, but there are, in fact, differences between the two plants.
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