Cress (Mustard and Cress, Curled Cress, Garden Cress, Peppercress)

 Feed in Moderation
  • Common Name: Cress (Mustard and Cress, Curled Cress, Garden Cress, Peppercress)
  • Latin Name: Lepidium sativum; Brassica Hirta; Brassica napus
  • Family Name: Brassicaceae/Cruciferae
Most seed labelled as 'Mustard and Cress' (the sort that grows in a matter of days on damp tissue) is actually composed of two plants:  Cress (Lepidium sativum) and White Mustard (Brassica hirta), and this is fine to add as a small part of a tortoise's varied diet. 

The small punnets of plants that are sold as 'salad cress' in supermarkets in the UK are almost invariably not Cress, but Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus) with a very small amount of Cress included, and this is also fine as a small part of the diet. 

Cress flowers are usually white, but can also be found in pink, and Oilseed Rape has yellow flowers.

Please be aware that two or more goitrogenic plants should not be fed in conjunction with each other, and the sum total of goitrogenic foods should not exceed the guideline for a single plant of 'in moderation' (amber-green) or 'sparingly' (amber-red).  This will ensure that goitrogenic consumption stays within safe limits. alyoum9
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