Cineraria (Pericallis, Florists Cineraria, Senetti)

 Do not Feed
  • Common Name: Cineraria (Pericallis, Florists Cineraria, Senetti)
  • Latin Name: Pericallis; esp. Pericallis x hybrida, Senecio cruentus, Pericallis cruenta, Senecio x hybrida
  • Family Name: Asteraceae/Compositae
The Cineraria (also called Pericallis or Senetti) is often grown as a house plant, but it can be grown outside in warmer conditions.  It has been found to contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which can result in damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, smooth muscles, and lungs, and so we would advise you not to feed it to your tortoise.

Cineraria comes in a large range of colours from pinks and reds through blues, purples and even green, orange, creams and white.
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