Miner's Lettuce (Winter Purslane, Miners Lettuce)

 Feed in Moderation
  • Common Name: Miner's Lettuce (Winter Purslane, Miners Lettuce)
  • Latin Name: Claytonia perfoliata, syn. Montia perfoliata
  • Family Name: Portulacaceae
Although there are said to be no known hazards with Miner's Lettuce, it comes from a family where most of the plants contain high levels of oxalic acid, which binds with calcium and  prevents the animal from absorbing it.  There are reports that Miner's Lettuce (Winter Purslane) has a lower level of oxalic acid than other members of its family, and although it is eaten by humans, it has not been tested on tortoises, so until further research has been done we would advise caution and say to feed in moderation only, and as part of a wider, varied diet. 

The flowers of Miner's Lettuce are mostly white, but Claytonia sibirica has pink flowers.  See also Pink Purslane.
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