Tamarisk (Tamarix, Salt Cedar, Smokebush)

 Do not Feed
  • Common Name: Tamarisk (Tamarix, Salt Cedar, Smokebush)
  • Latin Name: Tamarix spp.
  • Family Name: Tamaricaceae
This small tree, which is often found growing near the sea, has the ability to take up salt from the soil in large quantities, which it then excretes through its leaves.  As these leaves are shed, the salinity of the soil increases, making it difficult for other plants to grow there.  Although small quantities of the leaves or flowers should not do a tortoise any harm (especially if there is little or no salt in the soil in which it grows), we would not recommend including it in the tortoise's diet.

Do not confuse with Smoke Tree (Smoke Bush, Cotinus), which is a different plant.
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