Lime (Linden, Lime Tree, Common Lime, Basswood)

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  • Common Name: Lime (Linden, Lime Tree, Common Lime, Basswood)
  • Latin Name: Tilia spp.
  • Family Name: Malvaceae (formerly Tiliaceae)
Although not toxic, Lime trees do contain tannin and attract aphids which suck sap from leaves and then excrete a sticky substance onto the tree.  It is known that if bees consume a high quantity of nectar, it can be toxic to them, but it is doubtful that this would affect tortoises.  If your tortoise nibbles on a small leaf or flower every now and again it wouldn't cause any harm, but it is best not to offer leaves or flowers from the Lime tree as a regular part of the diet.

Do not confuse with the Lime tree that is a Citrus Tree and produces the lime fruit.
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