Staghorn Sumac (Stag's Horn Sumach)

 Feed Sparingly
  • Common Name: Staghorn Sumac (Stag's Horn Sumach)
  • Latin Name: Rhus typhina; syn. Rhus hirta
  • Family Name: Anacardiaceae
The leaves of the Staghorn Sumac are high in tannins.  If the odd leaf falling into the enclosure is nibbled, no harm should come, but we wouldn't recommend feeding the leaves in any quantity (and it is a general rule that we do not feed fruit, so do not feed the fruit of this tree to your tortoise).

Not to be confused with the Poison Sumac (Rhus vernix/Toxicodendron vernix) which contains a resin called urushiol that causes horrendous blistering to the skin if leaves are touched, and can cause blisters on the lungs if smoke from burning leaves is inhaled. 

Not to be confused with Mountain Ash, Tree of Heaven, or Walnut which have similar looking leaves but are different trees.

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