Flowering Quince (Japanese Quince, Chinese Flowering Quince)

 Feed Sparingly
  • Common Name: Flowering Quince (Japanese Quince, Chinese Flowering Quince)
  • Latin Name: Chaenomeles speciosa; C. japonica; C. cathayensis
  • Family Name: Rosaceae

Little research has been done on the suitability of this shrub as food for tortoises, but as it often hides dangerous spines and can sometimes cause skin irritation in humans, it is probably best left out of the tortoise enclosure.

There should be no problem if your tortoise nibbles a few leaves or flower petals, but it is best to err on the side of caution and not actively feed it.  The Flowering Quince should not be confused with the Quince tree (Cydonia oblonga).

The fruit of the Flowering Quince is much smaller than the fruit of the Quince tree, but neither should be fed unless your tortoise is fruit-eating species.

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