Heartleaf Iceplant (Baby Sun Rose; Aptenia)

 Safe to Feed
  • Common Name: Heartleaf Iceplant (Baby Sun Rose; Aptenia)
  • Latin Name: Aptenia cordifolia
  • Family Name: Aizoaceae
This lovely low-growing succulent would be fine to add to the tortoise enclosure or grown in a pot on the ground for a snack when it grows within reach of your tortoise.  It also looks good in a hanging basket in full sun in summer.  Grown with some protection during the winter it will provide extra variety after hibernation.  Flowers are usually red (which fades to pink with age), but they can also be found in purple, yellow and white.

Many plants incorporate the words Ice Plant (or Iceplant) as one of their common names, so be sure you know which plant you are feeding.

See also Ice Plant (Sedum spectabile), Ice Plant (Delosperma etc.), Livingstone Daisy and Hottentot Fig.


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