Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis; Lampwick Plant)

 Do not Feed
  • Common Name: Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis; Lampwick Plant)
  • Latin Name: Phlomis spp.
  • Family Name: Labiatae/Lamiaceae

There are no known hazards for this plant, and it does seem to grow in the natural habitat of several species of tortoise (Horsfield, Hermanns).  However we can find no evidence of its suitability as a tortoise food and so for the time being we do not recommend feeding it (although there is no reason to panic if your tortoise happens to nibble some in your garden).  Most species have yellow flowers, but there are several species that have pink or purple flowers.

Although often grown in gardens as a handsome ornamental plant, Phlomis is also seen growing in the wild. 

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