Feed Sparingly
  • Common Name: Salvia
  • Latin Name: Salvia spp.
  • Family Name: Labiatae/Lamiaceae

The Salvia that many recognise from summer flower beds is actually a member of the large family of plants known as the Sages.  It is said to have anticoagulant properties in high doses, so it should be offered with caution and not planted within the tortoise enclosure.  Some of the more common Salvia you could encounter are:

S. splendens (Scarlet Sage, a common bedding plant usually with red flowers, but also white, pink, orange or purple);

S. apiana (White Sage); S. microphylla (Baby Sage); S. leucantha (Mexican Bush/Woolly/Velvet Sage);

S. sclarea (Clary Sage); S. elegans (Pineapple Sage); S. fruticosa (Greek Sage); S. dorisiana (Fruit-scented Sage); Salvia x sylvestris (Meadow Sage); Salvia pratensis (Meadow Clary); 

Salvia horminoides (Wild Clary).

Although usually a cultivated garden plant some Salvias may grow wild.  See Sage.


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