Safe to Feed
  • Common Name: Pansy
  • Latin Name: Viola x wittrockiana/Viola tricolor hortensis
  • Family Name: Violaceae
Although the Pansy and the Viola were originally distinct species within the Violaceae family, years of cross-breeding has meant that they are now genetically the same, and so the names are interchangeable.  Although most Pansies and Violas are grown as garden plants, Viola tricolor (Heartsease, Johnny Jump Up) is a delightful wild flower. 

The leaves and flowers of all Pansies and Violas are fine to feed to tortoises, although you should never feed leaves and flowers from plants you have just bought from a garden centre or florist, as they could be contaminated with insecticides - it is best to wait for new growth to feed.  See Viola.  See Violet.

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