Plant Booklets

Our Edible Plant Collection booklets, Edible Plant Collection and More Edible Plants from The Tortoise Table, are available and in high demand.

The original booklet, containing 45 plants, is still popular and will remain in print.  The new booklet contains 46 new plants, along with an expanded section on propagation (sowing seeds, taking different types of cuttings, etc.).  Both booklets are in PDF format and can be downloaded to your computer or phone, or printed out to make into a booklet for your personal use – all free of charge.  However, because the booklets are profusely illustrated and require a lot of ink to print out, most people choose to purchase them (£6.00 inc. UK P&P for the Edible Plant Collection, and £6.50 inc. UK P&P for More Edible Plants).

The format of the online booklets is designed so that you can either build up a handy A5 pocket-sized reference guide or simply use it to print out individual pages of your choice.  To print a booklet that will last, you should use high-quality paper.  A4 paper can be cut in half width-ways to give A5 size, and this should be fed into the printer lengthways.  In your printer preferences/properties select A5 paper as the size to print and choose portrait orientation.  Laminating the resulting printed pages will make the booklet last longer.  You could use an A5 ring binder folder to keep the pages of the booklet secure and in order.

Click on the link below to download the free PDF booklets for your personal use.

Edible Plant Collection  
More Edible Plants from The Tortoise Table (1st Edition)

To order the booklets, use our donate button and after you place your order, please email to specify which booklet or booklets you would like and include your address.

Please note that these booklets are protected by copyright and permission is granted to download them free of charge for personal use only. They should not be downloaded and/or printed out for the purposes of selling. It is not permitted to re-publish these booklets, or any parts of these booklets, in any format, including paper or electronic media (and this includes re-posting on websites, forums, and other internet sites) without prior permission being granted by The Tortoise Table.