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Plant Booklets

We hope that our two collections of plants to sow and grow (Edible Plant Collection and More Edible Plants from The Tortoise Table) will provide you with an easy guide on growing plants to provide a nutritious diet for your tortoise.   They are designed to help you choose plants to grow in the garden, in the tortoise enclosure, and in the house, which will benefit the health and living conditions of your tortoise -- as well as giving you an attractive garden.

Our 'traffic light' system of edibility is used as the colour of the plant name and is also the colour of the bar at the top of each page.  Because these booklets contain only edible plants, no plants are included which have 'red' traffic lights.

The plants and wild flowers included in the booklets can all be found either growing in the countryside, in gardens/yards, or purchased from garden centres, and they are all listed on The Tortoise Table website.  Each plant entry is accompanied by instructions for growing (gathering seed, taking cuttings, etc.).

The focus for the booklets is the British Isles, but we aimed to make the booklets relevant to tortoise keepers in other countries as well (for example, rather than instructing people to sow seed in April, we instruct to sow in the Spring).  Inevitably, however, you may have to make some adjustments if you live in a very different climate.

You can see the full contents of both booklets here, and you are welcome to download them and print them out for personal use free of charge.  However, because the booklets each contain more than 50 pp. and have numerous colour photos, most people prefer to purchase the professionally printed and bound versions.

Tortoise Observation Records Booklet

Keeping accurate records of your tortoise's growth and health is essential to good husbandry.  It is important to weigh and measure your tortoise/s regularly to monitor weight gain (or loss), and to make notes of any health issues, visits to the vet, changes of equipment (for example, UVB lamps) etc.  Keeping detailed records and making close observations enables you to build up a pattern of development for individual tortoises and thus have an accurate picture of their health and well being.  Our Tortoise Observation Records booklet is designed to enable you to keep all your notes in one place, as well as recording observations you make regarding your tortoise/s health and behaviour, and it is a valuable resource to take with you on visits to your specialist reptile vet, so that answers to questions they might ask are readily available.